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1.5Mm Skinny Gel Eyeliner

1.5Mm Skinny Gel Eyeliner

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Woodbury 1.5mm Skinny Gel Eyeliner is a high-quality, long-lasting eyeliner that is perfect for creating precise lines and defining the shape of your eyes. This gel formula glides on smoothly and sets quickly, providing bold, rich color that won't fade or smudge. With a thin, 1.5mm tip, you can easily achieve thin, elegant lines or thick, dramatic strokes, depending on your desired look.

This eyeliner is available in three versatile shades to match any occasion - black, brown, and navy. It is also waterproof, so you can feel confident that your eyeliner will stay put all day, even if you get caught in the rain or sweat. Whether you're going for a natural or dramatic look, Woodbury 1.5mm Skinny Gel Eyeliner is a reliable choice for long-lasting, beautiful eye makeup.


  • Precise application: The thin, 1.5mm tip of this eyeliner allows you to create precise lines and define the shape of your eyes with ease.

  • Long-lasting wear: The gel formula of this eyeliner sets quickly and stays put all day, so you don't have to worry about smudging or fading.

  • Waterproof: This eyeliner is waterproof, so it won't run or smudge even if you get caught in the rain or sweat.

  • Available in three shades: Woodbury 1.5mm Skinny Gel Eyeliner is available in black, brown, and navy, so you can choose the shade that best matches your desired look.

  • Easy to remove: When it's time to remove your makeup, this eyeliner comes off easily with your favorite makeup remover.

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