Water Lift Moisture Ampoule


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Soak Up the Peptides With Your Skin

✔Moisture Recharge
Includes Naturally-derived Acacia Peptide
✔Elasticity Care
Includes Naturally-derived Avocado Peptide
✔Skin Protection
Skin protection and moisture supply with vegetable-extracted ingredients

01 Moisturizing Concentrated Skin Ampoule
Moisture concentrated ampoule that keeps your skin moist and vibrant!
02 Naturally Derived Peptide
Contains naturally-derived peptides needed for your skin fatigued by external environment.
03 Whitening /Wrinkle Improvement Dual Function
Brighten dark skin! And remove wrinkles!
04 Moist And Refreshing Feeling
Ampoule formulation allows quick absorption an gives fresh,moist feeling right after wards!

You need a water lift moisturizer ampoule if you are
☑No matter how many times I use skin care products,my skin pulls quickly
☑My skin lacks vitality and moisture
☑Corneous tissue form up and my skin looks flaky overall
☑My skin condition fluctuates widely depending on the season
☑I wank a fresh finish to my basic make-up

No More Hassle With Your Skin Care!
Get yourself a single solution that leaves you elastic and bright skin

Acacia Peptide
Korea Patent Number:10-1567129
Promotes natural moisturizing factor (NMF) needed for skin gone dry from the outside
environment and helps supply moisture and minimize moisture loss
(Hydrolyzed acacia macrostaquia seed extract,maltodextrin)

Avocado Peptide
U.S Patent Nember:US8649377B2
Helps improve and protect UV-oxidized skin,stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis,
and helps enhance moisture and elasticity
(Avocado fruit extract,maltodextrin)

Hyaluronic acid Cermide Squalane
Using natural moisturizing factor with excellent skin-friendly propertied,forms a moist skin moisturizing film,
protects skin and helps to prevent dryness and wrinkles
[Limited to raw ingredient characteristics]

Active ingredients Blue Flower Complex

Mild plant extract ingredients
from five blue flowers Five blue flowers help protect your skin from harmful environments and help to create a moist and moist skin.

[Limited to raw ingredient characteristics]

Allantoin . Hydration
Borage Extract . Skin protection
Hyacinth Extract . Skin purification
Salvia Sclarea Extract . Protective layer strengthening
Corntlower Extract . Skin soothing

Fresh,with no stickiness Water Lift Moisture Ampoule
Fresh moisture and unblemished texture!
Water Lift Moisture Ampoule will make you feel moist and refreshing!

Stickiness test

Fresh,with no stickiness Water List Moisture Ampoule

Water Lift Moisture ampoule

How to
Use at the step of essence,dispense appropriate amount Apply gently along the skin texture as if massaging the skin.

With mask sheet
More effective before and after mask sheet and when used vitamin ampoule.
With essence or cream
Mix with essence or cream on a dry day.
For make-up
Mix with ampoule for tight make-up when applying BB cream of foundation.

Water Lift Moisture Ampoule

Water Lift Moisture Ampoule