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Vitamin Powder 10G

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Vitamin Powder 10G

Experience the enchantment of our Vitamin Powder, a magical elixir that will transform your skincare routine. Crafted for stressed or tough skin, this extraordinary powder will whisk away your worries, leaving behind a trail of radiant beauty.

  • Potent blend of 15 vitamins: Our Vitamin Powder is infused with a powerful combination of 15 vitamins, working tirelessly to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin.
  • Nourishing and transformative: Each delicate particle of this enchanting potion is infused with the power of nature, delivering a symphony of nourishment to your complexion.
  • Reveals a luminous glow: Experience the transformative touch of this Vitamin Powder as it breathes new life into your skin, revealing a radiant glow that rivals the moonlight.
  • Light and velvety finish: Our ethereal formula grants a light, velvety finish, leaving you feeling like a true fairy princess, ready to conquer the world with your radiant charm.
  • Bonus puffs included: With your purchase, you'll receive two extra puffs, a hidden treasure that will make you feel like you've discovered a secret fairy trove.
  • Exclusivity: Embrace the allure of exclusivity, as our Vitamin Powder is not available for sale in the United States. Possess something truly extraordinary, a secret to be cherished and shared with only the chosen few.
  • Long shelf life: With a generous shelf life of 36 months from manufacture and 12 months after opening, our Vitamin Powder will be your loyal companion on this magical journey.

Unleash the whimsy and embrace the enchantment that awaits you. Surrender to the allure of our Vitamin Powder and experience a skincare ritual that transcends the ordinary. Step into the realm of fairy tales and let your beauty shine with an otherworldly radiance. Your happily ever after begins here.

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