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Essence Sun Pact

Essence Sun Pact

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Overview Beauty is another fashion!
VT reads the trends, understands the trends, and leads the trends of beauty!
VT is a global K-Beauty concept brand which understands and reinterprets K-beauty in a broader concept in order to simply present the natural raw material, beauty science technology, and trendy message.
Beauty comes to life not only by basic skincare products but also by various categories such as oral, hair, household supplies, etc.
Weight 50g (0.11 lbs)
Comfortable to wear and moisturising. Protect your skin from radical damage in a different way.
Containing rich moisturizers, this sun pact offers cooling benefit and conditions skin.

Suggested Use
1. Take a moderate amount in a circular way using the included puff.
2. Pat lightly over the face.

Vt Essence Sun Pact

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