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Cica Double Mist 120ML

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Cica Double Mist 120ML

Indulge in the enchanting embrace of Cica Double Mist, where love and hydration intertwine to create a magical symphony for your skin. Step into a world where tired and lackluster skin is transformed into a radiant canvas, ready to mesmerize with its newfound vitality. Within this mystical mist lies the secret to unlocking your skin's true potential.

  • Delicately infused with the essence of Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, it not only soothes away inflammation but also awakens your skin's inner beauty by stimulating the growth of new cells. Like a gentle caress, it builds collagen and enhances circulation, unveiling a complexion that exudes timeless allure.
  • Experience the tender touch of Sodium Hyaluronate, as it lovingly restores your skin's moisture and unveils a smoother, more supple texture. Wrinkles and imperfections are gently kissed away, leaving behind a visage that tells a story of timeless elegance.
  • Embrace the protective embrace of Propolis Extract, shielding your delicate skin from the harsh whispers of environmental stressors. Like a guardian angel, it aids in healing wounds and nurtures collagen production, ensuring your skin remains resilient and youthful, no matter the challenges it may face.
  • Feel the embrace of Panthenol, as it blankets your skin in a veil of hydration, calming even the most restless of souls. Inflammation is soothed, leaving behind a sense of tranquility that transcends the physical, revealing a complexion that radiates with ethereal serenity.
  • With each spritz, fine hydration particles dance upon your skin, infusing it with an instant surge of moisture. The non-oily, non-greasy formula delicately balances excess sebum, granting you the gift of a harmonious complexion that glows with confidence.

Cica Double Mist is a love letter to your skin, suitable for all skin types and a perfect companion before or after makeup, or as a divine alternative to your daily toner. Simply close your eyes, shake the bottle with anticipation, and let the mist envelop you in its tender embrace. It's like a love story unfolding upon your skin, where every spray is a whisper of enchantment, leaving you spellbound by the beauty that lies within. Unleash the power of love and hydration with Cica Double Mist, and let your skin dance to the rhythm of its own captivating melody. Embrace the magic that awaits, and let your skin bask in the tender romance that only Cica Double Mist can provide.

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