Cica Cushion Set

Cica Cushion Set #21 Light Beige

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Cica Cushion Set #21 Light Beige

Step into a world of enchantment with VT's Cica Cushion Set in the captivating shade of #21 Light Beige. This extraordinary makeup potion will transport you to a realm where dreams come true and beauty knows no bounds.

Prepare to be spellbound as the water capsule system delicately embraces your skin, quenching its thirst and leaving it feeling as fresh as a mystical waterfall. With the gentle touch of 4-OUT Cica Skin technology, your skin will be soothed and nurtured, as if kissed by the softest breeze of a fairy's wings.

But there's more to this enchanting cushion set than meets the eye. Infused with the magic of nature and the wonders of beauty science, it's a true testament to the harmony between earth and artistry. As you apply this ethereal creation, you'll feel as though you're strolling through a secret forest, where every step uncovers hidden treasures and every breath is filled with the scent of blooming wonders.

Indulge in the whimsy of this fairy tale-inspired cushion set, and let its touch of romance transform your everyday makeup routine into a captivating love story. With each delicate application, your skin will radiate with a natural glow, as if lit from within by the moon's gentle caress.

Embrace the magic of VT's Cica Cushion Set in #21 Light Beige, and let your inner magical creature shine. Your skin will be forever grateful, and you'll be swept away on a journey where beauty and fantasy intertwine.

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