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Troiareuke™ Gps Mask

Troiareuke™ Gps Mask

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TROIAREUKE is a professional aesthetic skincare brand that aims to provide the perfect solution to your daily skin concerns.

It takes its name from the ancient Greek word for "foundation," and believes that a person's emotions and external environment play a big role in skin health. Troiareuke offers holistic solutions such as chroma therapy, aromatherapy and herb therapy for skin concerns such as aging, darkening, blemishes, dryness, and sensitivity. Armed with this knowledge, the team behind Troiareuke worked hard to find a solution for every woman’s unique skin concerns. By developing a personalized 1:1 prescription system via holistic means (which include Chroma, Aroma, and Herb therapy), the professional aesthetic skincare brand is able to target your daily needs.

The cruelty-free brand manufactures all its products in Korea, including bestsellers GPS Mask Pack, H+ Healing Cushion, H+ Healing Cream, and Pore Control Mask.

Experience Korea’s newest “Home Spa” trend with spa-grade cosmeceuticals from the cosmetic prescription brand that won’t hide your skin with makeup, and instead protects it with skincare.

  • TROIAREUKE™ Skinshielder Cel-Cleanser. The micro bio-cellulose bubble that cleanses impurities to make refreshed and healthy skin.

  • TROIAREUKE™ GPS Mask. It is a bio-cellulose mask which acts as a second skin to provide active ingredients efficiently.
  • TROIAREUKE™ Cell Energy Cream. This cream gives energy to skin cell for skin activation.
  • Net Content: 3ml + 25ml + 1.5ml (5 ea)


  • Skin Shielder Cel-Cleanser removes dirt and oil with Coco-glucoside ingredient and Waterhog cell technology.
  • GPS Mask makes your skin healthy, glowing and keeps the perfect condition.

  • Cell Energy Cream is a wonderful nourishing facial and neck cream with wonderful ingredients.



  • Apply Skin Shielder Cel-Cleanser on the wet face, massage and cleanse softly. Rinse out with warm water or aesthetic wipe.
  • Put GPS Mask on the face, remove after 15~20 minutes.
  • Apply Cell Energy Cream on the face.

Reference: skinchan_skincare


  • Use together withTROIAREUKE™Porcelain.
  • Use together with TROIAREUKE™Ampoules.


Cel-Cleanser. Cellulose, Spirulina Platensis Extract

GPS Mask. Niacinamide, Baicalensis Root Extract, Panthenol

Cell Energy Cream. Lactobacillus/Baicalensis root extract ferment filtrate

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