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Tranex Toning 9 Essence 50ML

Tranex Toning 9 Essence 50ML

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Overview With the combination of cosmedical skincare, professional aesthetic skin care and carefully selected ingredient, MEDI-PEEL aims to improve each and everyone?™s day to day skin care.
Weight 60g (0.13 lbs)


-Gently prevent melanin cells to lightly freckles and blemishes.
-It has the highest melanin inhibition power among the existing raw materials.
-30 times more melanin inhibition compared to arbutin.
-Laser toning effect and 1 level ingredient blemish solution to lighten freckles.
-USDA certified organic brightening ingredient complex.

How to use

1 After cleansing, apply generously with a cotton pad.
2 Wipe gently over face and neck.


Tranex Toning 9 Essence 50ml


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