Tangle Fit Modeling Mask-Light Brightening


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Overview Lifting massage, penetration treatment, anti-aging cream effects, all at one time! Liftted skin confidence with Cirmage Lifting Stick!
Weight 2Sheet / 33g Per sheet

Tangle Fit Modeling Mask
Light Brightening
Easily-adhering rubber mask promotes a flawless fit

✔Skin soothing

+New-concept rubber mask
"No more worrying of excess powder or loose-fitting masks! Retains benefits of existing modeling pack!
Facials in the convenience of your own home!"

+Gently delivers active ingredients with flawless skin fit!
"The mask reacts to temperature over time for a
stronger fit onto the skin, allowing intense nutrient absorption for a moisturized, resilient finish!"

+Skin-soothing care without irritation
Contains Agar for refreshingly soothing, gentle care

+Tangle fit care for completely
renewed, smooth skin texture!
Agar(Gelidium Amansii) fills in wrinkles and
coarse skin for a smooth finish!

Tangle Fit Modeling Mask
The perfect time for light brightening:

+When your skin is irritated and needs immediate soothing
+When you have a lackluster, fatigued complexion
+When you want to pamper your skin for an important event
+When your makeup doesn't take and your skin looks flaky
+When you want a spa treatment in the convenience of your own home

ㆍProcess of preparation
ㆍConcerns about proportion
ㆍFlaking powder
ㆍLoose-fitting mask

[No more complex and difficult masks!]

No more modeling packs
that need mixing
No need to mix the packs anymore
Modeling pack with one sheet for convenience

Modeling pack benefits + Convenience of mask sheet

"What is a modeling mask?"
The final step of a facial that maximizes skincare effects. The mask is first created by
mixing powder and water at a specific ratio, hardens when applied to the
skin and effectively delivers the active ingredients to the skin with its high-fitting properties.

Refreshingly soothes skinthat
has become irritated

due to the
scorchingsun and
external environment

Refreshingly soothe your skin with the
nutrients(minerals) in the mask
Extra moisture through moisture-locking effects!

Thorough nutrient replenishment! Moisture-locking!
High-fitting skincare

High-fitting rubber mask pack promotes moisture locking and
replenishment! Agar (Gelidium Amansii) fills in wrinkles and
coarse skin for a supple and smooth texture!

Light brightening
that restores the skin's vitality

01 Soothed skin
The sheet is packed with
soothing ingredients and
moisture that refreshingly
soothes the skin

02 Clear skin
Contains Myrciaria Dubia
and Niacinamide, for
improved skin tone

03 Smooth skin
Contains Amazon clay
to smooth out the skin
and add vitality


Agar (Gelidium Amansii)
ㆍHelps improve moisture and boost resilience
ㆍPromotes a brightened skin tone
ㆍImproves skin texture while tightening pores

Natural Brazilian Pastel Clay
ㆍWorks to soothe the skin
ㆍImproves skin texture

French Mineral Marine Water
ㆍPromotes moisture replenishment
ㆍWorks to soothe the skin

How to use

After cleansing and soothing skin texture with toner,
remove the mask and apply onto the face.

Squarely fit onto the face so that there are no air pockets.

Remove the mask after 15-30 minutes
and pat the remaining essence to aid skin absorption.
(you may continue your daily activities with the mask on your
face thanks to the high-fitting wear.)

Tangle Fit Modeling Mask-Light Brightening

Tangle Fit Modeling Mask-Light Brightening