Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule 4 Set


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Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule

Ampoule for your skin, no need to inject! Simply pat onto your Skin.


  1. Botulinum + EGF Combined Peptide!

Effective Botulinum used at dermatology institutes and EFG Combined peptides, whose efficacy has been proven through a patent registration

  1. The Salmon ingredients used by dermatology clinics!

The Active ingredients of high-protein salmon DNA and amino acids deliver nutrients to the skin for resilience!

  1. Approved through 8 body application tests!

Concentrated essential ampoule verified through clinical tests on anti-aging of the dermis and skin regenerating abilities

  1. 14-day Skin Care! Easy home spa care!

No need for clinics! Get Luxurious spa care easily and conveniently right at your home

When you are need the Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule

  • When you are concerned about your weakened skin due to wrinkles and a loss of elasticity
  • When you are concerned about your sagging jaw line and nasolabial folds
  • When you feel burdened by the high costs of procedures
  • When your skin looks dry and flaky due to a lack of nutrients
  • When you are concerned about caking makeup due to rough skin texture
  • When you feel your skin is aging faster

Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule 4 Set

Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule 4 Set