Synergy Effect 7 Kit

Overview 1 bottle a day, 7-day intensive skin care according to function
Weight 1.5ml x 7ea

Synergy Effect Seven Kit
Visible skin Change,MAXCLINIC

Point 01
Anti-aging+brightening+Moisture all-in-one treatment kit!
Point 02
1 bottle a day,7-day intensive skin care according to function

Recommended for:
Those concerned about combination skin (elasticity,moisture,brightening)
Those wanting to see immediate results upon first application
Those needing extra care on top of their basic skin care routine
Those wanting to care for their skin conveniently at home

Synergy Effect Seven Kit Component 01
Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule 1.5ml× 3EA

improves resilience and sills the skin with nutrients
Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule
ㆍAnti-wrinkle care

01 Botulinum + EGF binding peptides!
Effective botulinum,which is used at professional skincare centers and EGF binding peptides
with effects that have been verified through a patent registration.
*Botulinum EGF patent no. 10-1636846
02 Contains salmon ingredients used by professional skincare centers!
The high-protein salmon DNA and amino acids supply nutrients to the skin to enhance firmness and resilience!
03 Verified through 8 clinical tests!
Dermal anti-aging and skin-regeneration!
Clinically-proven high-concentrate essential ampoule formula!
04 14-day care! Convenient home spa care!
No more skincare centers! Receive spa-quality facials in the convenience of your own home!

Core ingredients of the synergy Effect BTX ampoule enhance resilience and nourish the skin for 14 days


Botulinum EGF Adenosine
Anti-wrinkle and lifting treatment
Salmon DNA Squalance Shea butter
Nourishing and resilience treatment
Biomimetic water Sugarcane extract Ceramide Hyaluronic acid
Strengthens skin barrier and supplies moisture

Synergy Effect Seven Kit Component 02
Synergy Effect H Ampoule 1.5ml × 3EA

Promotes enhanced moisture and shine
Synergy Effect Hyaluronic Ampoule
Replenishes moisture
Shine (Improves texture)

01 A burst of moisture energy with hyaluronic acid complex 5!
Hyaluronic acid complex 5 ensures the optimal absorption of moisture for full replenishment!
02 No stickness! Moisture intensive ampoule!
Moisture intensive ampoule revitalizes upon application while locking in moisture
03 Certified anti-wrinkle care!
Contains adenosine to help restore resilience!
04 Convenient home spa treatment
Easy-to-use,at-home moisture replenishment!

Core ingredients of synergy effect hyaluronic ampoule

Moisture replenishment with hyaluronic acid complec 5!
Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycan
Hyaluronic acid
Sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer
Hydrolyaed-hyaluronic acid
Sodiem hyaluronate

Ceramide NP-Moisture,nourishing care
ㆍRaspberry - Brightening
Biomimetic - water Strengrhens skin barrier

How to use
synergy effect seven kit

Hold the main part and cap of the container with both hands and twist off.
(Product packing is made of plastic rather than glass.)
After facial cleansing each morning and night, apply a fair amount onto the skin following toner application.
If your want to use the ampoule in smaller amounts,combine about half of the containe to the applicator included in the product,
Press the uncombined area of the applicator and use.

After gently applying on your cheeks,forehead, around the eyes and lips,and the neck area in an outward motion,
lightly press with the palms to aid absorption.
ㆍThe remaining ampoule can be used by covering with the top of the opened ampoule.

Synergy Effect 7 Kit

Synergy Effect 7 Kit