Snail Bee Ultimate Serum 35ML - Anti-Aging Skin Care

Snail Bee Ultimate Serum 35ML

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Snail Bee Ultimate Serum 35ML

Experience the enchantment of flawless skin with the Snail Bee Ultimate Serum. This captivating potion is a love story between the power of snail mucin and the charm of bee venom. Together, they create a magical elixir that will transform your complexion into a fairytale dream.

Key Features:

  • Fermented snail secretion filtrate repairs blemishes, fades acne scars, and banishes hyperpigmentation
  • Bee venom calms skin and targets breakouts
  • Tea tree and camellia sinensis leaves provide soothing relief and combat acne
  • Niacinamide brightens complexion for a luminous glow
  • Adenosine fights signs of aging for smooth and youthful skin
  • Gentle formula free of fragrance, volatile alcohol, and PEGs
  • pH level similar to that of your skin for a harmonious connection


  • Repairs blemishes, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation
  • Calms skin and targets breakouts
  • Provides soothing relief and combats acne
  • Brightens complexion for a luminous glow
  • Fights signs of aging for smooth and youthful skin
  • Gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for those with blemishes, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or breakouts
  • Ideal for individuals seeking a brighter and more youthful complexion
  • Great for sensitive skin types looking for a gentle and effective serum
  • Recommended for those who want to incorporate a magical elixir into their skincare routine

Let the magic of the Snail Bee Ultimate Serum whisk you away into a world of radiant beauty. Add it to your skincare routine and let the love story unfold, as your skin becomes the epitome of enchantment.

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