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Rose Vitamin Oil Foam

Rose Vitamin Oil Foam

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Overview An ultimate brightening care with high-enriched rose oil containing thousands of roses mixed with vitamin capsules.
Weight 110g

Rose oil meets refreshing,moisturizing vitamin capsules

New formula dissolves skin waste without irritation and converts to natural bubbles when it meets water

?”Pore Care
Better cleansing with a oil rolling massage to help remove dead skin cells and blackheads from inside pores.

A refreshing,brightening cleanser with rose oil and vitamin capsules

br>Perfect for these people:
?�Those who want moisturizing and cleansing with oil and foam cleansing without having to wash 2-3 times
/span>People who want soothing and brightening
/span>People who want neat cleansing without irritation, not deep cleansing
/span>People who want simple home care like that of a famous hotel spa's rose therapy
/span>Those who want sebum and blackheads removed,even inside pores

br>Lightly dissolves with rose oil and refreshing bubbles!
Reversal with luxuriant natural bubbles when it touches water and soft,
refreshing rose oil to remove sebum and waste, just like that! Reversing oil cleanser for neat cleansing


A new formula means no more
worries about troublesome multiple washes!
Like a rolling massage with Bulgarian oil full of moisture at a spa It gently dissolves skin waste and makeup residue
and creates irritation-free plant-derived bubbles when it touched water for a smooth finish without oil residue.

2-3 repeated washes all at once, trouble-free!
Lip and eye remover + Cleansing cream + Cleansing oil + Foam cleansing +Massage cream

br>Can it be compared to ordinary rose oil? No
Skin softening 20 times more powerful than that of tomatoes Supplementation is great for dry or sensitive skin.


Bright,moisturizing vitamin-derived

capsules that burst on the skin for a vitamin capsule massage
from inside the skin to brighten Vitamin derivatives help vitamins which are not normally absorbed easily to
quickly penetrate deep into your skin!

?”Vitamin derivatives for vitamin protection!

?�Natural vitamin condensation - Bulgarian rose oil
?�Refreshing natural oil - Rosehip oil / Coconut oil / Vitamin tree oil / Citron seed oil / Pomegranate seed oil

br>?�Egg white
/span>Red ginseng
/span>Citron tree

Free of 10 harmful additives
10 harmful ingredients to skin
?’Propylene glycol
?’Dime thicone
?’Mineral oil
?’Animal oil
?’Tar color
?’Benzo phenone
?’Sulfate surfactants


10 human trials complete

1. Increases moisture in skin (around the eyes ans mouth,all skin) 2. Reduces blackheads
3.Reduces sebum 4. Shrinks pores 5. Alleviates skin red spots 6. Skin brightening
7.Improves skin circulation 8. 2-week use improves smile line wrinkles 9. 2-week use improves skin lifting
10. Non-irritation tests complete

TEST.01 Pore shrinking
P&K Skin Clinical Research center/ 21 subjects/ April,2014/20 subjects/
After 2 weeks of use/Individual variations

TEST.02 Blackhead reduction
P&K Skin Clinical Research Center/21 subjects /April, 2014/ 20 subjects
/After 2 weeks of use/ Individual variations

TEST.03 Skin brightening
P&K Skin Clinical Research Center / 21 subjects / April,2014 / 20 subjects
/After 2 weeks of use /Individual variations

TEST.04 Improves skin circulation
P&K Skin Clinical Research Center / 21 subjects / April,2014 / 20 subjects
/After 2 weeks of use /Individual variations

br>Unique to TV home shopping, the same product sold in hotel spas!
Hotel spa private rose vitamin care!
A hotel spa super luxury care program to suit customer needs Special care through various nutritional supplements


How to use

Rose Vitamin Oil Cleanser

STEP 01 Pump Oil Cleanser at least 3-4 times on your made up face and spread evenly. (Pump 1-2 times and use a small quantity during morning washing)
STEP 02 Gently massage everywhere with the tips of your fingers to dissolve makeup.
STEP 03 Wet a brush sufficiently in water and then use the brush with bubbles for secondary foam cleansing. When not using a brush,wet your hand in water and lightly use with foam.
STEP 04 Wash clean with lukewarm water,then finish with cold water.

Rose Vitamin Oil Foam

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