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Refining Truffle Oil Foam

Refining Truffle Oil Foam

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Overview Fantastic blending of what is called underground black diamond with added quality of oil and fermented vegetable oil of warm energy!
Weight 110g

Experience the ultimate hydration the prestige edition

?”Skin Lifting
It contains noble truffle oil that eliminates active oxygen makes skin resilient,
Giving skin hydration by blending fermented vegetable oil with full of nourishment!
?”Luxury Care
Luxury care with 99.9% pure gold comprisal that is excellent in skin purification effect!

br>Please try it if:
?�you want to cleanse your skin clean and moist in one
/span>go without having to wash your face 2 to 3 times
/span>you want to have moisture care even straight after washing your face,
/span>you want to cool sensitive skin down and purify your skin
/span>you want to give dead skin cell care and clear care to spotted and dull skin,
/span>you want to have famous spa program conveniently at home


Truffles that is being recognized as one of the world's top 3 delicacies!
Why is it good for skin?

Underground black diamond,truffles

Ultraluxury componet 100% from Italy!

Truffles contains collagen which optimally absorbs moisture that is the core skin care and contains ample vitamin C that helps skin become

br>Hot topic from every press!
The component that the beauty industry was paying attention to!
Birth of Maxclinic prestige Edition!
RefiningTruffle Reverse Oil Cleanser

Truffle Oil Complex+Fermented Vegetable oil+ Pure gold powder


Oil to Foam

Solution to inconvenient double face washing agony with new concept formula!
As it received spa care with truffle oil rolling massage,softly melts skin's waste and make-up residue,and smoothly finishes off with
hypoallergenic plan-originated foan that forms in contact with water,without oil residue

Double and tripple face washing one go without cumbersome stages
Lip and eye remover +Cleansing cream + Cleansing foam + Massage cream

br>Gold-colored oil's moisture

?�TRUFFLE OIL COMPLEX - Contains ample vitamin C hence makes skin tone clear and full of energy

?�GLOD (PURE GOLD POWDER) - It is excellent for skin cleansing action and helps to alleviate skin problem.

?�FERMENTED ARGAN OIL ?�FERMENTED CAMELLIA OIL ?�FERMENTED GREEN TEA OIL ?�FERMENTED SUNFLOWER SEED OIL - Melts the waste with fermented oil of warm vitality and forms oil layer to skin that helps maintaining moisture

?�CALENDULA FLOWER OIL ?�COCONUT OIL ?�ROYAL JELLY ?�BLACK BEA PROPOLIS - Cools down dameged skin from external environment and helps maintaining
moisture for a long time

br>Does not contain 8 types of pernicious ingredients
8 types of ingredients that are harmful to skin

/span>Sulphate surfactant
/span>Benzalkonium Chloride
/span>Benzophnone(3 types)
/span>Paraben (6 types)
/span>Propylene glycol
/span>Tar color
/span>Mineral oil


Unique TV home shopping, the same product sold in hotel spas!

Private core truffle oil care of hotel spa!
Special treatment with various nourishment hydrating ingredients such as truffle, pure gold powder and fermented vegetable oil,
according to customer's needs as a hotel spa ultraluxury treatment program


How to use
Refining Truffle Oil Cleanser

STEP 01 Pump Oil cleanser at least 3-4 times on your made up face and spread evenly. (Pump 1-2 times and use a small Quantity during morning washing)
STEP 02 Gently massage everywhere with the tips of your fingers to dissolve makeup.
STEP 03 Wet a brush sufficiently in water and then use the brush with bubbles for secondary foam cleansing. When not using a brush,wet your hand in water and lightly use with foam.
STEP 04 Wash clean with lukewarm water,then finsish with cold water.

Refining Truffle Oil Foam

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