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Puryfiying Flower Oil Foam

Puryfiying Flower Oil Foam

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Overview Adds the vitality of flowers that don't wither to your skin with the borage flower containing antioxidants and 15 types of flowers!
Weight 110g

Purifying Flower Oil Foam
Visible skin Change, MAXCLINIC

?”Cleansing power
Contains natural cleansing agents! Moisturizes while refreshingly cleansing makeup even with just a small amount!

?”Pore care
Contains patented ingredients for pores as well as botanical exfoliating ingredients foe gentle pore cleansing every day

?”Moisture and resilience
Has increased the density of moisture to create firmer and more resilient skin

Cleanser containing the greatest amount of flower ingredients!
Adds the vitality of flowers that don't wither to your skin the borage flower, containing antioxdants, and 15 types of flowers!
Gentle cleansing with natural cleansing ingredients!
Gentle,deep cleansing with hypoallergenic, botanical foam that is formed when the oil contacts with water without worrying about a second cleansing!
No more pores! Gaining pore confidence
Contains patented ingredients for the pores and botanical exfoliants to thoroughly remove impurities,
reduce pores and smoothen the skin texture


The perfect time to use the Purifying Flower Oil Foam
?�When you want to thoroughly cleansing in one step without having to cleanse two or three times
/span>When you are concerned about your excess sebum and greasiness
/span>When you have widened pores
/span>When you have visible blackheads
/span>When you want to soothe and purify your sensitive skin


Flower cleansing that purifies the skin

Contains 15 type of flower that even lift up your spirits!

Happy Flower, Borage
Has the greatest content of linolenic acis among plants

?�Orange flower oil
/span>Scented geraniem flower oil
/span>Ylang ylang flower oil
/span>Michelia alba flower oil
/span>Rose flower oil
/span>Chamomile flower oil
/span>Hibiscus flower extract
/span>Magnolia liliiflora flower extract
/span>Japanese cherry flower extract
/span>Hawthorn flower extract
/span>Sweet violet flower extract
/span>Evening primrose flower extract
/span>Orange flower extract


Oil to Foam

Overcome the inconveniences of cleansing twice with this new-concept formula!
The natural cleansing ingredients and the Purifying Flower Oil massage,
An excellent moisturizer,melts impurities and residual makeup
on the skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh and oil-free with the
hypoallergenic botanical foam that is formed when it contacts with water.
Finish cleansing at once without having cleanse twice or three times!

Cleansing cream +Lip and eye remover + Cleansing oil + Cleansing foam


Targets pores and moisture Refreshing on the outside,moisturizing on the inside!

Pore care + mild peeling care

?�The "patented pore ingredient" reduces sebum secretion and reduces pores
?�While the botanical exfoliants extracted from flowers gently exfoliate the skin

(1)Dead skin cells before using the oil foam
(2)Hydrated dead skin cells after using the oil foam

Pore patent : registration no. 10-1506912
Formula for pore reduction and antioxidation that contains quince, lemon balm and orange blossom extract

br>12 types of plus Upgrade vitamins
New vitamins added!

/span>Vitamin B1, B8(H)
/span>Vitamin B5
/span>Vitamin C derivative
/span>Vitamin A derivative
/span>Vitamin K
/span>Vitamin F
/span>Vitamin E derivative
/span>Vitamin B3,B12,M

br>Concentrated natural cleansing agents
Healthy and thorough cleansing



22 clinical trials
on the purifying Flower Oil Foam!

Deep cleansing benefits
?‘Helps cleanse ultra-fine dust particles
?‘Helps wash off waterproof makeup
?‘Helps remove sunblock products

Smooths out skin texture for slower petal-soft skin
?‘Helps improve the skin's turnover rate
?‘Helps improve the skin texture
?‘Helps deal with old dead skin cells
?‘Helps exfoliate the skin
?‘Helps add radiance
?‘Helps improve skin tone

Pore / Sebum care
?‘Helps reduce size of pores
?‘Helps reduce number of pores
?‘Helps reduce width of pores
?‘Helps reduce depth of pores
?‘Helps reduce density of pores
?‘Helps improve moisture around pores
?‘Helps remove impurities inside pores
?‘Helps reduce T-zone sebum
?‘Helps reduce U-zone sebum
?‘Helps reduce greasiness
?‘Helps reduce whiteheads

?‘Hypoallergenic test

Test period: March 22-23, 2018
Test institute: KC Skin Research Center
Test participants: 20 women of age 19-59


How to use

Purifying Flower Oil Foam

STEP 01 Take at least 3-4 pumps worth of the Purifying Flower Oil Foam and evenly spread over the makeup on your face.
(Use about 1-2 pumps for morning cleansing)
STEP 02 Gently massage each area of the face with your fingertips to melt the makeup.
STEP 03 After soaking the brush with water,lather and cleanse for the 2nd time.
When you're not using the brush,wet your hands and gently lather to use.
STEP 04 After thoroughly rinsing off with lukewarm water,finish with cold water.

Puryfiying Flower Oil Foam

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