Pro Edition Hydro Firming Gel Cream


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Overview The dense jelly texture immediately supplies moisture to parched skin
Weight 200ml

Hydrating jelly satisfies moisture-deprives skin

Moisture replenishment The dense jelly texture immediately supplies moisture to parched skin

Soothing care Cooling effects soothe irritated skin

Vitality Contains super berry complex containing 12 types of super berries

01 Water jelly that quenches the skin's thirst for moisture
Botanical soothing ingredients have been concentrated into a gel texture to promote revitalizing and intensive moisture care

02 Refreshingly soothe irritated skin
The moisturizing and refreshing formula soothes skin immediately upon application to relieve fatigue induced by environmental factors

03 Superberry complex 12
The 12 types of fresh berries help create perfect skin balance and add vitality to the skin

04 Multi home aesthetics
Soothing gel+massage+moisture cream triple-acting formula Experience professional soothing care at home

The perfect time
to use the Pro Edition Hydro Firming Gel Cream
ㆍWhen you want to soothe reddened and irritated skin
When you feel dry from within
When you want to replenish moisture-deprived skin
When you have visibly enlarged pores
When you are concerned about lackluster skin
When you want to receive professional soothing treatments easily at home
When your makeup doesn't take and looks flaky

Cool down your irritated skin with a spoon of moisture jelly!

The jelly-texture gel cream,which is packed with hydration,soothes and replenishes the skin with a burst of moisture!
Abundant moisture+Skin soothing+Vitality

The secret to moisture jelly
3 type of concentrated soothing ingredients found in nature
Damask rose extract / Aloe vera leaf extract / Hyaluronic acid(sodium hayaluronate)

Home care with the Multi Gel Cream
May be used as a skin care product or even a moisture pack!

Soothing gel / Massage / Moisture cream

ㆍJelly-textured gel cream packed with hydration
ㆍBursts with hydration as soon as it contacts the skin,for immediate permeation!

Main Ingredient
The super Berry complex,containing 12 types of fresh super berries, delivers healthy energy right to the skin!

+Acai palm (euterpe oleracea fruit extract) +Cranberry extract
+Raspberry extract + Blueberry (vaccinium angustifolium fruit extract)
+Lycium chinese fruit extract +Black currant (ribes nigrum fruit extract)
+Korean blackberry (rubus coreanus fruit extract) +Black mulberry (morus nigra fruit extract)
+Blackberry (rubus fruiticosus fruit extract) +Strawberry (fragaria chiloensis fruit extract)
+Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract + Maqui (aristotelia chilensis fruit extract)

Red Tea Complex
Protects fatigued tired skin against external factors for fortifying care!

Red clover extract / Hibiscus extract Camellia sinensi leaf extract / Aspalathus linearis extract

Solve all your skin concerns with a spoon of gel cream!
*Above description pertains only to characteristics of ingredients & formula

Cool and moisturizing Hydro Firming Gel Cream
Tips for Multi-use

Night-time sleeping pack
Before going to bed during the last step of skin care, apply a thick layer of the cream as a sleeping pack to keep your skin moisturized throughout the night

Soothing pack foe flushed skin
Store the Hydro Firming Gel Cream in the refrigerator and apply on flushed skin for soothing care.

For creating a hydrating glow
Mix with your base makeup in a 2:1 ratio for radiant skin all day long.

Pro Edition Hydro Firming Gel Cream

Pro Edition Hydro Firming Gel Cream