Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G - Lip Gloss

Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G

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Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G

Experience the enchantment of the Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G, where elegance meets magic. This captivating lip tint will transport you to a world of beauty and wonder.

Key Features

  • Six dreamy shades of pink, coral, and beige to suit every skin tone
  • Lilium Tigrinum Extract infused potion for mesmerizing moisturization
  • Delicate, watery texture that glides effortlessly onto the lips
  • Radiant glow that embraces your smile
  • Long-lasting formula that stays put for hours
  • 24 months before opening and 12 months after opening expiration date

Become a Fairy Princess

Indulge in whimsy and romance with the Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G. Let your lips become a canvas for enchantment, and watch as they thank you for the touch of magic you've bestowed upon them. This lip tint is more than just fantastical colors. It's a potion infused with the essence of Lilium Tigrinum Extract, delivering a mesmerizing moisturizing effect that will leave your lips feeling irresistibly soft and supple throughout the day.

Mesmerizing Radiance

As you glide this delicate, watery texture across your lips, a radiant glow will embrace your every smile, transforming you into a true fairy princess. The Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G adheres effortlessly to your lip surface, ensuring that its enchanting tint remains with you for hours on end. Let your inner beauty shine through with a touch of ethereal magic.

Long-Lasting Enchantment

Don't worry about the magic fading away too soon. The Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G has a long-lasting formula that will keep you under its spell. With an expiration date of 24 months before opening and 12 months after opening, you'll have ample time to revel in the mystical allure of this lip tint.

Embrace the allure, and let your inner fairy princess shine with the Ink Mood Glowy Tint 4G. Adorn your lips with its captivating colors and experience the enchantment that will leave you feeling beautiful, confident, and transformed.

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