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Perfume Serum Hand Cream

Perfume Serum Hand Cream

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Perfume Serum Hand Cream is a 3 in 1 multi-functional hand cream that provides deodorant effect, hand-moisturizing, and scent care all at once. It has two fragrances which are rose fragrance and grapefruit fragrance, and is characterized by long-lasting scents that can be used as a perfume. The Phytoncide ingredient contained in Hinoki Cypress Water (Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water), one of the main ingredients, has great moisturizing and deodorizing effects. The hand cream is recommended for daily use as a moisturizing hand cream, but it also has deodorizing effect. ?œPerfume Serum Hand Cream has a positive effect on the texture of hands, and a soft and smooth feeling. The hand cream can be used as a perfume and a deodorant all at once. The skincare product can be used as a regular hand cream, deodorant, and perfume, making it suitable for both men and women, and for use in all seasons.

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