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Peptide9 Aqua Essence Emulsion 250ML

Peptide9 Aqua Essence Emulsion 250ML

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Overview With the combination of cosmedical skincare, professional aesthetic skin care and carefully selected ingredient, MEDI-PEEL aims to improve each and everyone?™s day to day skin care.
Weight 270g (0.6 lbs)

The nine peptide components of MEDI-PEEL add volumes to the skin's fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles to make the skin elastic and firm.

1.Intensive Skin Care with 9 Peptides to Enhance Elasticity
2.Medi-Peel X Sederma Collaboration

Suggested Use
1. After applying serum, dispense one to two pumps onto palms and smooth onto skin working from the innermost part of the face outwards.
2. taping lightly until fully absorbed.

Peptide9 Aqua Essence Emulsion 250ml

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