Speedy Gel Pedi Parts 02 Authentic Ring [Led Lamp Required]

$16 $20
Those who want an easy and convenient pedicure
Those who want a long-lasting polish

Comes with 30 nail art stickers with 8 pieces of base gel, a nail file, a wood stick, and 2 prep pads
Provides a chart of different colors:
#01 Lovely Heartberry: A luverly combination of red color and pink glitter
#02 Authentic Ring: Terrazzo-marble patterns
#03 Soul Stone: Ivory color with a waterdrop-shaped part
#04 Fairly Charm: Magenta with a square-shaped coral part

Gel nail stickers used on gel nail lamps
Excellent adhesion as it is made of gel nail materials used in nail shops
Product/Model Name [NEW] WAKEMAKE Speedy Gel Pedi Parts 02 Authentic Ring
Certifications NA