Natural Perfection Double Shield Sun Stick 22G

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Sun stick for protection against solar heat (IR rays) and sunlight (UV rays)

Brightening + Wrinkle Care + UV Protection SPF50+ / PA++++

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    UV IR Block™ for dual shieldagainst UV and IR raysUnlike existing sun screens that only block UV rays,AHC Natural Perfection Double Shield Sun Stick is infusedwith the patented UV IR Block™ technology that enables protectionfrom both UV and IR rays.
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    Naturally derived Phyto Protect Complexfor protection against external irritationA selection of naturally derived ingredients that protect skinfrom external irritations, combined with AHC's exclusive Nano Emulsionformulation technology, helps soothe sensitized skin.
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    Mild formula suitable for kidsand adults with sensitive skinEye irritation and primary irritation tests completedSun stick made of patented and naturally derivedingredients is safe to use for all family members.

Formulation & Ingredients

Nano Emulsion Technology

AHC's exclusive Nano Emulsion technology helps increase the penetration and absorption rate of active ingredients into skin. Naturally derived ingredients with protective and soothing effects, combined with the Nano Emulsion technology, help nurture healthy skin.

The following is a description of the ingredients, not the product.

Phyto Protect Complex

Opuntia ficus-indica Stem Extract, Gossypium herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Extract

Natural ingredient born from AHC's exclusive Nano Emulsion technology protects the skin from various summertime irritants and provides soothing care.

Schisandra chinensis Fruit Extract, Bambusa vulgaris Extract

*patent #10-1273698

Carefully selected ingredients control the skin temperature raised by the external environment to prevent various skin troubles.

5 Types of Pure Water Derived from Nature

Deep Sea Water, Glacial Milk, Oxygenated Water, Bedrock Water, Carbonated Water

5 types of pure water derived from nature provide refreshing hydration and keep skin moist.

How to Use

Daily Treatment

1) At the last step of the skincare regimen, turn the dial on the bottom of container to raise product about 5 millimeters and apply from the facial center outward.
2) Carry and reapply frequently throughout the day on areas that need UV protection (face and body).