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Mystery Blur Tint

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Mystery Blur Tint

Step into a world of enchantment and unlock the secrets of beauty with our captivating Mystery Blur Tint! This extraordinary lip tint is no ordinary lip product; it is a magical elixir that will transport your lips to a realm of romance and allure.

Key Features:

  • Five ultra-pigmented matte MLBB shades
  • Creamy formula with a cloud-like matte finish
  • Diamond-shaped cushion tip applicator for precise application
  • Infused with Silicone Elastomer Complex for velvety texture
  • Long-lasting color that endures the test of time
  • Ten captivating shades to choose from


  • Leaves lips feeling velvety soft and caressed
  • Provides flawless lines and perfectly defined curves
  • Endows lips with an irresistible allure
  • Long-lasting color accompanies you on every adventure
  • Allows lips to become the embodiment of enchantment

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for adding a touch of romance and allure to your everyday look
  • Ideal for creating mesmerizing lip art and statement looks
  • Great for special occasions, date nights, and events
  • Transforms lips into a canvas of ethereal beauty
  • Matches every mood and style with ten captivating shades

Embrace the magic of our Mystery Blur Tint and let your lips become the embodiment of enchantment. Add this extraordinary lip tint to your makeup collection today and unlock your inner fairy tale princess. Are you ready to embark on a journey into a world of magic and mystery? Let your lips whisper tales of romance and fantasy, for our Mystery Blur Tint is the key to captivating hearts and leaving everyone spellbound.

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