Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing Contouring Object


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Overview Just with MAXCLINC plaster mask Special care lifting up sagging line easily and firming hollow area.
Weight 1st Miraclinic ampoule dressing- 36ml

Miracle Ampoule Dressing Contouring Object
The secret of beautiful celebrities

Elastic Force
Super easy! One mask pack Slim 3D luxury contour care!

Ceramide restores tightness to damaged skin and cultivates moist skin while helping replenish

3D lifting effects to easily repair sagging eye,cheek and jaw lines

01 Ceramide restores tightness to damaged skin and cultivates moist skin while helping replenish

02 Hydrolyzed collagen stops moisture evaporation and is quickly absorbed into the skin

03 Food and Drugs Administration-approved whitening functions cultivate clear,bright skin.

04 The sealing effects of plaster put active ingredients deep inside and harden to help with 3D lifting

Perfect for these peopole
ㆍPeople worried about their faces sagging drooping,or growing
People who want care for skin tones, texture and elasticity
People who need concentrated care because of a lack of nutrients
People worried about flaking makeup because their dead skin cel care isn't working
People who want simple luxury contour care at home

24 multilamellar skin care ingredients help with concentrated nutrient care
To prevent moisture and nutrients from staying near the skin surface and skin waste from accumulating, Miraclinic's first ampoule dressing contains 24types of multilamellar ski care ingredients

What is multilamellar skin care?(Triple Skin care)

ㆍDead skin cells : Ceramide,hyaluronic acid,natural replenishing factors (17 kinds of amino acid,lactic acid), collagen,elastin,cholesterol
ㆍEpidermis : lecithin - 8 ingredients sent into your skin as-is!
ㆍInner skin : Ratio of lipid in skin barrier Ceramide:cholesterol=50:27, the golden ratio!

Full of nutrients! Small face care!

Super easy!Just put on the sheet mast and you're done!

The first Miracle ampoule dressing
The greenhouse effect of plaster! Wrapping effect!
Expands pores with a plaster seal so nutrients penetrate deep into your skin and help your circulation and lymph flow!
24 multilamellar in.gredient care

The second Miracle contouring object
The tightening effect of plaster! 3D care
The plaster hardens into the face shape you want to tighten and lift for slim 3D contour care!
Plaster contour care

One mysterious drop
Core ingredients that keep you young

ㆍCeramide NP Hydrolyzed collagen
Provides nutrients foe elasticity and replenishing inside your skin Alleviates dry skin

Myrrh oil
Soothes ans softens skin and helps keep it young

Jojoba oil Rosehip oil Agran oil Annotto seed oil
Stops ,moisture evaporation to help moisturize skin

Niacinamide Adenosine
Food and Drugs Administration-approved whitening/anti-wrinkle

Dual functions anti-wrinkle+whitening
Certified by the Food and Drugs Administration
Miracle Ampoule Dressing

6 human trials complete
ㆍTripple moisturization(Epidermi,dermis,and water loss)
Tripple elasticity (Epidermi,dermis,dermal density)
Tripple face lifting (Jaw lifting,cheeks lifting and eyebag lifting)
Skin translucency Improve blood flow Hypo-allergenic test

Korea institute for skin and Clinical Test period October 19-December 1st,2015, 21 peopole single use (twice for elasticty)

Sold Cheongdahm spa!
Hotel spa private core Miracle plaster mold care
A hotel spa super luxury care program to suit customer needs A plaster care secret for eternal life just for her!

Miracle ampoule Dressing Contouring Object

take out the top of Miracle Ampoule Dressing(#1) and match it to your eyes to adhere it upward.

Take out the bottom of Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing(#1)and match it to your lips to adhere.Wrap the wings around your jawline as if pulling.
(This material is elastic,so if you adhere while pulling,it adhere better.)

Gently press ampoule dressing so it soaks into your skin for primary concentrated care and to attach the contouring object.

Take out the contouring object(#2)and press it over the ampoule dressing slowly from your forehead toward your cheeks and lips.

Pull the jawline wings along your facial lines as if pulling and lifting to adhere.

Make a calyx shape with both hands ans wrap around your face, gently pressing, Use a little pressure until the plaster becomes moist to adhere so it sticks well.

ㆍUse for 20-30 minutes ans tap the plaster around your cheeks. when you here a tapping sound,it has hardened. Then you can remove it.

Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing  Contouring Object

Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing Contouring Object