Miracle Blending Serum Mist

Overview Emergency Moisture for dry and rough skin, anytime, anywhere
Weight 50ml

Miracle Blending Serum Mist
Spray-type hydrating radiance serum for convenient,fast skincare

Emergency moisture
Emergency moisture for dry and rough skin,anytime,anywhere

Hydrating Radiance Care
Provides rich moisture to the skin to create a hydreted and radiant finish

4-in-1 Serum
Toner+essence+serum+mist,all in one bottle,provides skincare with just one touch in your bust morning

Miracle Blending Recipe
A blend of 8 plant -derived oils provides hydrating and radiance skincare

Contains 75% Birch Sap
The 75% birch sap ingredient,moisture,and a skin texture care patented substance,AQUAXYL,provide smooth and moisturized skin

Non-sticky Moisture
Oil serum ,mist takes care of an inner dry feeling and provides soft radiance refreshingly without leaving any residue

Dryness that cannot be resolved by simple moisture supply
When to block with blending mist

ㆍSerum formula Moisture film formation

Birch sap provides rich moisture while the plant-derived oils provide deep hydration and radiance by forming a moisture film that prevents evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin.

Miracle Blending Serum Mist
Recommended for
ㆍPeople who need convenient,instant moisture
ㆍPeople who want to protect their sin from dryness
ㆍPeople who want to radiant skin
ㆍPeople who want to provide radiance to their flaky skin
ㆍPeople who experience flaky makeup in the afternoon

Miracle Blending Recipe
provides radiance to the skin

ㆍMarula Seed oil Moisturizing effect
White Truffle Extract Abundant nutrients
Birch Sap +aquaxyl Skin texture care

Strong moisturizing effect of Marula Seed Oil
Marula Seed Oil is obtained by cold pressing Marula Seeds harvested naturally from Namibia,South Africa. It provides a strong moisturizing effect.

Abundant nutrients of White Truffle
Nutrients of white truffle extract,which is called the diamond from the soil,provides radiant skin by densely delivering nourishment to the skin.

Birch Sap+Moisture Patented substance for skin texture care,AQUAXYL
Birch tree,which is used as an at-home spa care ingredient by Finnish people 75% birch sap; and a moisturizing skin texture care patented substance AQUAXYL,
all provide moisturized and smooth skin

Foral ㆍHerb ㆍ Woody
Fragrance that contains the sensibility of a forest in the early morning
Contains the refreshing fragrance of a forest in the early morning

Miracle Blending Serum Mist
Safe to use on sensitive skin
Phenoxyethanol / Mineral oil / 6 parabens / 3 benzophenones / Artificial colorant / sulfate-based surfactant

Smart use of the
Dual moisture serum mist

Conveniently use as a basic skincare step Experience longer-lasting moisture
Hydrated and radiant makeup Lightly spray on the face before or after makeup For a radiant finish
Nutrient supply anytime,anywhere Provides rich nutrients with a palm size of 50ml that can be carried in a pouch

Shake the mist 3-5 times to mix the essence and oil layers well. While keeping the eyes closed,evenly spray on the face and lightly pat to promote absorption onto the skin

Miracle Blending Serum Mist

Miracle Blending Serum Mist