Maxchange Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam - Cleanser Oil

Maxchange Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam

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Overview Moisturize and brighten with Damask rose oil and Nordic berry!
Weight 110g

Max Change Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil foam
Visible skin change, MAXCLINIC

?”Cleansing strengthContains natural cleansing ingredients for a thorough cleansing even with just a small amount

?”Brightening Vitamin capsules with 12 types of vitamins fortified 300 times promotes brightening skin care

?”Glow/Moisture Moisturize and brighten with Damask rose oil and Nordic berry!


01 Radiant flower petal skin with the blooming brightness of a thousand roses!
Contains Damask rose oil and 6 types of Nordic berries to make the skin bright and radiant after cleansing!
(Compared to Max Change 1 Oil Foam)

02 Replenishment with vitamins fortified 300 times!
Upgraded with VITA 12 (12 types of vitamins) derivatives! The largest brightening clinical test among all Max brands

03Flawless deep cleansing that penetrates the pores!
Oil-massaging care removes oil dead skin cell and even blackheads in the pores!


Max Change The perfect time to use the Rose Vitamin Oil Foam

?�When your skin feels tight after cleansing
?�When you want to cleanse thoroughly in just one step without having to cleanse two or three times
?�When you are concerned about your dry skin
?�When you want to moisturize your skin right after cleansing
?�When you want to brighten your dull skin


The rose pink vitamin capsule holds in light and delivers it straight into the skin for illuminated and moisturized skin!
Moisture + brightening care that begins during cleansing!

The protective capsule layer protects the oil from oxidizing and bursts when it contacts the skin for a burst of energy.

12 types of vitamin

Vitamin power that has been fortified 300 times! Improved skin condition with cleansing alone!

6 new additional vitamins added! 2 times more the content!

(Max Change 1 used as standard)

Bulgarian rose oil

Only 1 ml extracted from 3000 roses,
the power of Bulgarian rose oil

Like a daily oil treatment containing liquid-diamond Bulgarian rose!

Grade 33rd extraction Bulgarian rose oil extracted from other regions
Grade 2 Bulgarian rose oil that has become grown weaker due to the second round of extraction
Grade 1 A rare Bulgarian rose oil that extracts just 1ml from 3,000 Bulgarian roses in the first round of extraction

Upgraded Content of Bulgarian rose content from 3ppm to 30ppm!
(Rose Vitamin Oil Foam used as standard)
Vitamin A and C adds vitality and supplies nutrients to the skin, while the abundant anthocyanin and flavonoids help delay skin aging and improve resilience
(Pertains only to characteristics of ingredients)

Bulgarian-government certified

Cloudberry seed oil

Moisturizes and illuminates your skin with 6 types of Nordic berries!

Promotes anti-wrinkle care, resilience and enhanced skin tone

Finnish Lingonberries / Finnish cloudberries / Finnish red chokeberries / Finnish blueberries / Finnish bilberries
(Pertains only to characteristics of ingredients)


Oil to Foam
Solve your troubles of double cleansing with this new formula!

Massaging with natural cleansing substances and rose vitamin, an excellent skin brightener, makes your skin feel like it was pampered with a spa treatment. It gently melts the impurities and residual makeup on your skin and creates a smooth oil-free finish with the hypoallergenic plant-derived foam that is formed when it comes into contact with water.

Inconvenient double/triple cleansing in just one step!
Cleansing oil + Cleansing Foam + Peeling gel


More abundant and rich foam with natural foaming agents

Natural foaming agents

Gypsophila paniculata / Ginseng berry / Quillaja / Saponaria officinalis /
Camellia oleifera seed / Yucca / Soap nut


Concentrated natural cleansing ingredients! Healthy and thorough cleansing

Powerful cleansing power even with just a small amount

Palm-derived / Coconut-derived / Babassu-derived / Papaya-derived


Exfoliation for radiant skin with natural plum acid

Korean plum acid
A natural exfoliant that gently removes impurities and dead skin cells with moisturizing care and naturally fermented plum, high in AHA


13 Max Clinical tests! More powerful brightening effects

Deep cleansing effect
??/span>Cleanses dust
??/span>Cleanses waterproof makeup
??/span>Cleanses sunblock

Brightening effect
??/span>Improves glow
??/span>Improves clarity
??/span>Improves uneven skin
??/span>Helps with neck brightening
??/span>Improves skin tone without makeup
??/span>Improves blood circulation

Pore care
??/span>Helps clear blackheads
??/span>Helps reduce T-zone and U-zone sebum or greasiness
??/span>Reduces pore depth, width and size

1st irritation test
??/span>Hypoallergenic test

Test Period: Feb 22, 2018 - Feb 23, 2018 / Test institute: KC Skin Research Center
Test Participants: 20 women of age 19-59

How to use
Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam

STEP 01 Apply at least 3-4 pumps worth of the Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam
and evenly spread over the makeup on your face. ( Use about 1-2 pumps for morning cleansing)

STEP 02 Gently massage each area of the face with your fingertips to melt the make up.

STEP 03 After soaking the brush with water, lather and cleanse for a 2nd time. When you're not using the brush, wet your hands and gently lather to use.

STEP 04 After thoroughly rinsing off with lukewarm water, finish with cold water

Maxchange Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam