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Maxchange Oil Foam Signature Gallery Edition

Maxchange Oil Foam Signature Gallery Edition

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Overview Moist non-stretching cleansing with hyaluronic acid capsules individual technique!
Weight 110g

Signature Gallery Edition
Visible skin change, MAXCl

?”Moisturizing Contains hyaluronic acid oil capsules to keep your skin moist as you wash.
?”Cleansing power Natural Cleansing ingredients clear away makeup residue and waste.
?”Nutrients 20% added natural vegetable oil Smooth, shining skin


01 The realization of hyaluronic acid capsules Moist, non-stretching cleansing with hyaluronic acid capsules individual technique!

02 More natural vegetable oil Maximum moisture A more powerful all-in-one cleanser compared to our other products!

03 More nutrients, more moisture Full of nutrients with roasted oil! Full of moisture!

04 Simple home spa care A cleanser with the know-how of high-class spa care that you can easily use at home!


The perfect time for Max Change Oil Foam

?�People who feel their skin stretch after cleansing
?�Those who want moisturizing and cleansing without having to wash 2-3 times
?�People who want moisture care immediately after washing
?�People who want to soothe and purify sensitive skin
?�Those who want clear care for mottled, dark skin
?�Those who want a famous spa program easily at home


Strong moisture from the cleansing stage With hyaluronic acid capsules Cleansing and moisturizing all-in-one care!

More oil UP Full of nutrients Roasted vegetable oil 8 types of complex
More moisturizing UP Hyaluronic acid Oil capsules Hyaluronic acid
Cleansing power Natural babassu Added surfactants


How to get closer to your skin With Max Change Oil Foam Moist Triple Solution

SOLUTION 01Hyaluronic acid Oil capsules Moisturizing oil Hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizer Oil capsules burst during cleansing to moisturize skin!
SOLUTION 02 Amino acid Skin firming Amino acid Promotes skin to make it stronger!
SOLUTION 03 Ceramide Reinforces skin barriers Ceramide prevents
moisture from leaking!


Oil to Foam
With this new formula,
you don't have to worry about repeatedly washing!

Hyaluronic acid oil rolling massage, with natural cleansing ingredients and moisturization, gently dissolves skin waste and makeup residue like a spa and creates irritation-free plant-derived bubbles when it touches water for a smooth finish without oil residue.

Dual/triple washing all at once without annoying steps!
Cleansing oil + Cleansing foam


Hyaluronic acid, excellent for moisturizing! Made into capsules for moist cleansing!

Burst when cleansing to fill with moisture!
Moisture keeper that fills skin with moisture and keeps it there hyaluronic acid lets moisture 1000 times its weight be absorbed into your skin with these capsules for moist cleansing!


8 types of roasted vegetable oil with fantastic blending

Nutrient-filled superfood seeds are roasted to extract oil for nutrient supply from the first stage of cleansing! More absorptive! 20% upgraded vegetable oil content brings deeper, better moisture cleansing.

Chia seed / Hempseed / Moringa seed / Ginseng seed / Sesame seed / Cacao seed / Flaxseed / Pumpkin seed


Free of 10 harmful additives


Main Ingredients
Signature Gallery Edition Oil Foam main ingredients

?�Supplies moisture Hyaluronic acid oil / Ceramide oil / Amino acid oil
?�Nutrients Natural oils Chia seed / Hempseed / Moringa seed / Ginseng seed / Sesame seed / Cacao seed / Flaxseed / Pumpkin seed
?�Essential oil Blending Cinnamon oil / Thyme oil / Ginger oil
?�Natural foaming ingredients Gypsophila Paniculata Root / Ginseng berry / Quillaja bark extract / Soapwort / Camellia oleifera seed / Albumin / Soapberry / Huttuynia cordata


16 human trials! More powerful cleansing/moisturizing

Deep cleansing effects
?‘Dust cleaning ?‘Cleans away waterproof makeup ?‘Cleans waste from within pores ?‘Removes dead skin cells from around the mouth and jaw ?‘Smooths skin (skin texture)

Moisturizes (Moisturizes more than our cleansers)
?‘Inner moisturizing ?‘Increases moisture ?‘Protective moisture barrier ?‘Continuous moisture

?‘More transparency Improves skin shine ?‘Improves bare skin tones

(KC Skin Research Center / 2016.11.11/20 subjects/after 1 use/individual differences)

Spa care(elasticity)
?‘Skin surface elasticity ?‘Inner skin elasticity
(KC Skin Research Center/2016.11.18/ 20 subjects/after 2 weeks of use/individual differences)

?‘Temporarily improves circulation with skin massage
?‘Primary skin irritation tests Certification complete

(KC Skin Research Center/2016.11.19-21/
33 adult male/female subjects/after 1 use/individual differences)


How to use

Signature Gallery Edition

Take at least 3-4 pumps worth of the Oil Foam and evenly spread over the makeup on your face. (Use about 1-2 pumps for morning cleansing)

Gently massage each area of the face with your fingertips to melt the make up.

After soaking the brush with water, lather and cleanse for a 2nd time. When you're not using the brush, wet your hands and gently lather to use.

After thoroughly rinsing off with lukewarm water, finish with cold water

Maxchange Oil Foam Signature Gallery Edition

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