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Maxchange Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam

Maxchange Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam

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Overview Lively Brightening with intense Vitamin recharge with Water Vitamins and 100-fold increase of Vitamins!
Weight 110g
Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam
Visible skin change, MAXCLINIC

?”Brightening Increased Vitamin dosage Intensified brightening

?”Cleansing Natural Cleansing Agents Included! Outstanding cleansing performancewith only a small amount
?”Moistening With more Vegetable Oil Add smoothness and moisture to your skin

01 Water Vitamin Capsule
With Water Vitamins(Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C) and 100-fold increase in Vitamins moist and clear skin after wash (Moisture and Brightening Control in one shot!)

02 Refreshing Deep Cleansing
Unique Oil-To-Foam With Natural Vegetable Oil and Foam to Dissolve & Cleanse Two-phase wash in one take! Refreshing and feathery cleansing

03Skin Care
With fresh Jojoba Oil and Moist-capturing Argan Oil Smooth and moist skin after wash

When you need Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam

?�When your skin feels tightened after cleansing
?�When you want a clear and moist cleansing without washing the face two or three times in a row
?�When you want skin care after facial wash
?�When you want to keep your spotted skin clear
?�When you want a simple home spa program

Fresh Vitamin care with Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam

Lively Brigtening with intense Vitamin recharge with Water Vitamins and 100-fold increase of Vitamins (When compared to Maxchange1 Oil Foam), Kakadu Plum Seed Oil, and Sea Buckthorn Fruit from the first cleansing

Water Vitamin

Patented Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C compound
Water Vitamin-contained water contents UP + Brightening UP
Patent No. 10-1122163

?�No.1 Vitamin dosage Kakadu Plum
Relaxed Skin Brightening
Only applies to Ingredient Properties

?�Vitamin Tree Sea Buckthorn
Brightening Helps moistening, and skin cleansing
?»Only applies to Ingredient properties

?�Hyaluronic Acid
Brightening Helps moistening and skin cleansing
?»Only applies to Ingredient properties

Oil to Foam
Say NO to the cumbersome two-phased facial wash with the new formula!

Gently melts skin wastes and makeup residue with spa-like natural cleansing agents and skin-brightening water vitamin rolling massage smooth finish with low-irritant vegetable foam without any oily residual feeling

A simple, One-shot solution for second or third facial wash!
Cleansing Oil + Cleansing Foam

More rich and dense foam Thanks to natural ingredients

Condensed Natural Cleansing Agents!
Healthy and clean cleansing

Strong cleansing power even with small amount
From Palm / Coconut / Babassu

3 patented formulas Triple Skin trouble care!

Brightening Care Helps with brightening of dark skin and achieving uniform skin tones
Pore Care Helps with blackhead removal and pore management for smooth skin
Soothing Care Helps with relaxation of irritated skins

?»Registration No. 1014483170000, No. 1013336760000, and No. 1012503860000

Main ingredients inside
Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam

Vitamins for Brightening
Vitamin A (Retynil Palmitate) / Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) / Vitamin B7 (Biotin) / Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) / Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) / Vitamin F (Linoleic Acid)

Fresh Natural Oils
Jojova Seed Oil / Olive Oil / Coconut Oil / Argan Tree Kernel Oil

Natural Cleansing Agents
Coconut Oil / Palm Oil / Babassu Oil

Natural Foaming Agents
Gypsophila Root Extract / Jinseng Fruit Extract / Quillaia Skin Extract / Houttuynia Cordata Extract / Soap Wort Leaf Extract / Camellia Oleifera Seed Extract / Albumin Extract / Soapberry Extract

[Contents above only applies to ingredients]

Successfully completed
13 human application trials
Stronger brightening propertie in addition to cleansing

Deep cleansing effect
?‘Good for anti-dust cleansing
?‘Sunblock (SPC50+ PA++++) cleansing
?‘Waterproof makeup cleansing
?‘Pore cleansing

Strongest brightening
properties (temporary)among the company cleansers
?‘Improves the glow
?‘Improves skin clarity (Brightness)
?‘Improves skin uniformity
?‘Helps with brightening of the neck area

Moisturizing effect
?‘Immediate increase in water content

Pores care
?‘Helps with blackhead improvement

strong>Helps with sebum reduction
?¼Maxclinic's First Sensitive Skin Target
strong>Skin Irritation Test Completed
(Sensitive skin target selected through lactic acid stool examination)
strong>Low-irritation test completed

( 11 categories including immediate increase in water content) KC Skin Research Center / 2017.03.13~2017.04.11 / 21 test subjects (Low-irritation test) KC Skin Research Center / 2017.04.05~2017.04.07 / 33 test subjects )

How to use
Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam

STEP 01 Apply at least 3-4 pumps worth of the hyaluronic acid VITA Oil Foam and evenly spread over the makeup on your face.( Use about 1-2 pumps for morning cleansing)
STEP 02 Gently massage each area of the face with your fingertips to melt the make up.
STEP 03 After soaking the brush with water, lather and cleanse for a 2nd time. When you're not using the brush, wet your hands and gently lather to use.
STEP 04 After thoroughly rinsing off with lukewarm water, finish with cold water.

Maxchange Hyaluronic Acid Vita Oil Foam

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