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Lime Caviar Oil Foam Vitamin Edition

Lime Caviar Oil Foam Vitamin Edition

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Lime Caviar Oil Foam Vitamin Edition
Visible skin change, MAXCLINIC

Pore Care48-hour moisturization
All-in-one cleanser Clean the face completely with just one step with All-in-one cleanser
8-hour moisturization Human-tested moist Lime Caviar Oil Foam!

01Soft care with Natural foams!

The new formular melts the waste away with natural low-irritant Egg white, Soapberry, Quillaia, and Red Jinseng Turns to foam when meets the water Eliminates the need for multiple face washes

02 Most tested, best proven product in the market with 10 successful pore-related tests
This proven pore cleansing solution cleans and soothes the pores contaminated by unpredictable weather and foreign environments

03 Crystal-clear skin thanks to vitamins!
The crystal-ball cleanser brightens and cleanses the skin with vitamin-rich Finger Lime Oil and Caviar Oil!

04 Intra-capsule Moisture Shield Exploding on your fingertips!
Vegetable Oil Capsuls immediately resupply the moisture and form the moisture shield for up to 40 hours!

When you need the Lime Caviar Oil Foam

+When your skin feels tightened after cleansing
+When you want a moist and thorough cleansing without multiple washing
+When you want to manage your skin moisture right after washing your face
+When you need to soothe your sensitive skin and cleanse it
+When you want to keep your spotted skin clear
+When you want to run the famous spa programs for yourself at home with ease

Fresh and exploding Finger Lime from Australia meets Caviar

The magical blending of Finger Lime and Caviar
Finger Lime Oil and Caviar Oil are blended to make your skin moist and bright! Crystal ball cleanser brightens the dark skin!

The secret recipe for brightening is here! Vitamin Cleansing and Pore Care in one!

Finger Lime, the caviar of the limes from the Australia, contains 44 times more Vitamin C than blueberry, and soothes and brightens the skin by supplying the skin with vitamin.

Pore/Brightening Care in one face wash!

Purslane / Mung Beans / Chinese Yam Root / Green Tea / Arona

Proven through 10 human trials! Effective pores cleanser for Pore Care
Pore5 COMPLEX formula washes away the makeup residue and sebum and closes the pores.


The secret of 48-hour moisture!

Vegetable Oil Capsule inside the Vitamin-rich base forms a moisture shield to keep your skin moist all day long!

Vegetable Oil Capsule
The Vegetable Oil Capsules are superbly skin-friendly and moisten the skin immediately upon contract. They form a moisture shield to keep the skin from drying and balance skin moisture.
*The description above only applies to the ingredients


Oil to Foam

With the new formula, don't bother with a second face wash! Gently dissolves the skin waste and makeup residue with spa-like oil rolling massage and smoothly cleans the area with water-friendly low-irritant vegetable foam

Cleansing Cream + Cleansing Oil + Foam Cleansing + Massage Cream

Pore cleansing in-house test
Completely cleansed the foundation on a uneven Lego block!


Makeup cleansing in-house test
Completely cleansed the foundation, mascara, shadow, and lipsticks!

Moisturization after facial wash in-house test
Moist skin even after facial wash!


17 human trials! Improved pore/brightening care

?‘Increases the skin water content and keeps it(T-zone, U-zone)
?‘Holds the moisture up to 48 hours

?‘Improves the brightening ?‘Improves neck brightening

/span>Tightens the pore size /span>Cleanses /span>Improves the blackheads /span>Improves the whiteheads /span>Vertical Pore Length evaluation test /span>Immediately impoves pore depth /span>Immediately improves pore elasticity /span>Immediately improves pore volume /span>Immediately decreases number of pores /span>Decreases Skin grease (T-zone)

?‘Cleanses the fine dust ?‘Cleanses the waterproof makeup
Test Agency: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences
Test Duration: 2015. 04. 14~ 05. 24 / 23 Test Subjects
Test Method: Using only the cleanser
Usage: Once

?‘Skin Low Irritation Test
Test Agency: P&K Skin Research Center
Test Duration: 2017. 03. 27~ 29 / 21 Test Subjects
(excluding low-irritation test)
2017. 04. 05~07/30 Test Subjects
(Low-irritation test)
Test Method: Using only the cleanser
Usage: Once


Natural Foam Ingredients
The main ingredients of Natural Foam

Red Ginseng / Citron / Coconut / Chinese Yam / Quillaia / Mung Beans / Egg White / Soapberry / Apple


Main Ingredients
The main ingredients of
Lime Caviar Oil Foam Vitamin Edition

Vitamin-rich and moist Vegetable Oil
Finger Lime Oil / Caviar Oil
Mild Pore5 Complex for Pores
Mung Beans Extract / Chinese Yam Root Extract / Aronia Extract / Green Tea Extract / Purslane Extract
Exploding Vitamin Care
Emu Applesead Oil / Davidson Plum Seed Oil / Kakadu Plum Seed Oil / Vitamin Tree Oil / Kangaroo Appleseed Oil / Pomegranate Seed Oil / Lemon Oil / Mandarin Oil / Lime Oil / Grapefruit Oil


How to use
Lime Caviar Oil Foam Vitamin Edition

STEP 01 Apply at least 3-4 pumps worth of the How to use Lime Caviar Oil Foam and evenly spread over the makeup on your face.( Use about 1-2 pumps for morning cleansing)
STEP 02 Gently massage each area of the face with your fingertips to melt the make up.
STEP 03 After soaking the brush with water, lather and cleanse for a 2nd time. When you're not using the brush, wet your hands and gently lather to use.

STEP 04 After thoroughly rinsing off with lukewarm water, finish with cold water.

Brush Facial Wash to deep-cleanse the fine dust inside the pores
Technic 1 Gently roll the sensitive U-zone / 30-second time limit

A. Cleanse the cheek from inside to outsideCleanse the low-sobum and thin-skinned cheek by gently pushing outward! Warning) Excessive massaging may irritate the skin, so cleanse by gently pushing out!
B. V-zone Cleansing! Gently rub along the chin drawing V-line for both cleansing and massaging! Up and up the elasticity with cleansing!
C. Trouble-filled Chin+near the mouth cleansing Roll the chin drawing a half-circle!
Gently roll near the chin right under the lip where the sebums are rising!

Brush Facial Wash || to clean the fine dust inside the pores
Technic 2 Tmeticulously cleanse the troubled T-zone

A. Spiraling forehead cleansing Gently cleanse the forehead where the fine dusts are likely accumulated by cleansing the area as if you are drawing circle to cleanse between the wrinkles
B. Gently rub the hairline Remove the sebums by rub the hairline while drawing big semicircle along the hairline
C. Rub the nose up and down + deep cleanse the blackhead -infested nose tip
Cleanse the bridge of the nose up and down along the forehead to cleanse the area. When cleansing the blackhead-infested nose tip, do not move the brush and just touch the area to help removing the fine dusts mixed with sebum blocking the pores

Lime Caviar Oil Foam Vitamin Edition

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