Juicy Liar Water Tint - Lip Gloss

Juicy Liar Water Tint

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Juicy Liar Water Tint

Indulge in a flirtatious affair with your lips as you embrace the enchanting allure of the Juicy Liar Water Tint. Let the vibrant shades awaken your senses and ignite your inner romantic.

Key Features:

  • Water gel texture glides effortlessly, providing a veil of hydration
  • Tantalizing taste of Guava Mojito or Blackberry Tequila
  • Mesmerizing gradation effect or bold burst of color with just one swipe
  • Long-lasting formula keeps lips luscious and vibrant for hours
  • No constant touch-ups required


  • Leaves lips irresistibly refreshed throughout the day
  • Provides a touch of whimsy and dash of romance to your makeup routine
  • Allows your lips to speak the language of passion
  • Suitable for both subtle whispers and audacious proclamations
  • Infuses your lips with the ultimate indulgence

Surrender to the allure of the Juicy Liar Water Tint and let your lips thank you for the magic they are about to experience. Your lips deserve nothing less than the ultimate indulgence.

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