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True Dimension Glow Cheek 9G

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True Dimension Glow Cheek 9G

Indulge in the enchanting allure of the True Dimension Glow Cheek 9G. This captivating masterpiece is designed to transport you to a world of romance and radiance, leaving you spellbound with its mesmerizing dewy glow.

Key Features:

  • Silky smooth texture for effortless application
  • Soft and subtle shades to enhance your natural beauty
  • Can be used as both blush and highlighter for a celestial radiance
  • Four enchanting shades to complement all skin types
  • Generous shelf life of 36 months after manufacture or 18 months after opening


  • Adds a touch of romance and radiance to your every look
  • Enhances your features with an ethereal and whimsical allure
  • Leaves behind a mesmerizing dewy glow
  • Illuminates your best features and unveils a celestial radiance
  • Meticulously crafted shades awaken your inner goddess
  • Long-lasting formula ensures ample time to revel in its mystical powers

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for preparing for a fairy-tale ball
  • Infuses everyday looks with a touch of whimsy
  • Enhances natural beauty for any occasion
  • Ideal for creating romantic and ethereal makeup looks

Unleash your inner romantic and let the True Dimension Glow Cheek 9G illuminate your path to beauty and enchantment. Embrace the magic and make it yours today!

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