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Hanji Body Wash Towel

Hanji Body Wash Towel

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Antibacterial tested, Skin-friendly Body Wash Towel For You!

Benton Hanji Body Wash Towel is made of traditional Korean paper fiber from the bark of the paper mulberry.

Excellent Air Permeability
Deodorant Property
Outstanding Durability


Hanji has outstanding preservation strength which can resist over 1,000 years. This manages the towel in a sanitary way with air permeability, deodorant property, and antibacterial strength. Also is designed to skin-friendly, by reducing synthetic fibers.

It gives a gentle and refreshing feeling, and clear exfoliation to your skin.

How To Use

Soak with water and lather with body wash product then wash your body.

*After use, rinse thoroughly and dry in a well-ventilated place.
*Due to the nature of making hanji body wash towels, lint or residue may come out Please cut it before use.

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