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Glasting Water Tint 4G

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Glasting Water Tint 4G

Indulge in a mesmerizing lip affair with our captivating Glasting Water Tint 4G! Prepare to be enchanted by the ethereal beauty it bestows upon your lips. As you glide on this lightweight and glossy lip tint, a magical sensation washes over you. Its barely-there feel will make you forget you're wearing anything at all, allowing your natural radiance to shine through.

Choose from our exquisite range of four enchanting shades, each one more captivating than the last. Let the dainty beige of #10 Chija Beige embrace your lips with a subtle elegance. Or, surrender to the allure of #11 Pumpkin Brown, a radiant brown kissed with a drop of orange that ignites a fiery passion within. For those seeking a touch of mystique, #12 Omija Red unveils a deep red hue that illuminates your complexion, leaving a trail of intrigue in your wake. And if you crave a serene and ethereal glow, surrender to the calm violet of #13 Berry Violet, enveloping your lips in a dreamy haze of enchantment.

But the magic doesn't end there. Our Glasting Water Tint 4G features a translucent layer delicately coated over the tinged color, creating a dewy texture that is irresistibly enticing. And fear not, for this captivating formula is free from any sticky residue, granting you the freedom to embrace every moment with absolute grace.

Infused with a moisturizing, watery texture, this enchanting lip tint keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day, ensuring a spellbinding pout that's as soft as a lover's touch. Its versatility makes it perfect for creating captivating gradient lips, allowing you to express your unique sense of romance.

Crafted to embrace all skin types, this magical elixir of beauty holds an expiration date of 36 months after its creation, and 12 months after you've opened the gateway to its enchanting world. So, why wait any longer? Add the Glasting Water Tint 4G to your cart and let the magic unfold, as your lips become a canvas for an everlasting love story.

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