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Glitter Beam

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Glitter Beam

Introducing Glitter Beam, the enchanting water-based glitter liner that will transport you to a world of pure romance and magic. Get ready to ignite your inner sparkle and shine like never before with this mesmerizing addition to your makeup routine.

Key Features:

  • Water-based glitter liner
  • Three captivating colors
  • Infused with Hexagon Glitter for an ethereal and sparkling eye look
  • Thin-tipped brush for effortless and precise application
  • Mesmerizing and long-lasting wear


  • Express your unique personality with a touch of whimsy
  • Create a subtle hint of enchantment or a bolder statement
  • Captivate hearts and let your beauty shine
  • Elevate your makeup game and unleash the romantic within

Use Cases:

  • Wear it alone for a subtle hint of enchantment
  • Layer it on top of your favorite eyeshadow for a bolder statement
  • Perfect for special occasions, parties, and festivals
  • Great for expressing your inner sparkle and embracing the extraordinary

Dare to dream, dare to sparkle, and let your beauty shine with Glitter Beam. Indulge in the magic of Glitter Beam today and let the world fall under your spell.

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