Glint Eye Palette 4.4G - Face Makeup

Glint Eye Palette 4.4G

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Glint Eye Palette 4.4G

Indulge in the magical allure of the Glint Eye Palette, where enchantment meets elegance in a captivating dance of shimmer and sparkle. This palette is designed to add a touch of ethereal radiance to your everyday eye makeup routine.

Key Features:

  • Four spellbinding shades of brilliant glitter
  • Soft, velvety texture for effortless blending and layering
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Shelf life of 36 months before opening, 24 months after opening
  • From the esteemed house of LG Household & Health Care Ltd.


  • Transform your eyes into a canvas for romance
  • Create a mesmerizing gaze that captures every wandering heart
  • Express your unique beauty with a masterpiece of your own creation
  • Effortlessly blend and layer shades for a look that is uniquely yours
  • Experience the magic of unrivaled quality and innovation

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to your everyday eye makeup
  • Great for creating mesmerizing evening looks and special occasions
  • Ideal for expressing your unique style and beauty
  • An excellent addition to your makeup collection

Embrace the allure of the Glint Eye Palette and let your eyes become the stars that light up the night. With its captivating shades and unmatched quality, this palette will leave a trail of hearts in your wake. Add this enchanting masterpiece to your makeup collection and let your eyes shine with a love that knows no bounds.

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