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Green Tea Oil Moisture Essence Mask [10 Pcspack]

Green Tea Oil Moisture Essence Mask [10 Pcspack]

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Eyenlip is a Korean brand that aims to make its skincare products readily accessible while targeting a number of different skin concerns.

  • Contains moisture-rich green tea extract to moisturize dry skin, relieve skin thirst, and provide clear and transparent skin with plenty of moisture.
  • The tannins contained in green tea have a calming effect on skin and 20 times more antioxidant effect than vitamin C, soothing sensitive skin and helping to improve spots and freckles.
  • Size: 25 ml x 10 masks


  • Green Tea. EGCG is a strong antioxidant that helps your body cleanse harmful toxins, supports the function of the antioxidants already present in your body, and will lower the risk of skin cancer.
  • Vitamin C. It helps fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation. The result is anti-aging action for younger-looking skin. Vitamin C helps lighten hyper-pigmentation and brown spots. It also inhibits melanin production for evening skin tone and brightness.
  • Antioxidant.It protects skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells. Antioxidants in skin care products can do a lot for the health and appearance of your skin, including reducing the signs of aging.
  • Hypoallergenic.It produces fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products. Consumers with hypersensitive skin, and even those with "normal" skin, may be led to believe that these products will be gentler to their skin than non-hypoallergenic cosmetics.



  • After cleansing, use the toner to arrange.
  • Take the sheet out and apply it to the nose, eyes and everywhere else.
  • After 10-15 minutes, peel it off and lightly tab the remaining essence to absorb.


Water, Glycerin, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Honey Extract and Phenoxyethanol.

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EyenlipGreen Tea Oil Moisture Essence Mask [10 Pcspack]

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