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Control-Tox Peeling Gel

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Control-Tox Peeling Gel

Experience the enchantment of Control-Tox Peeling Gel, a magical potion that will transport you to a realm of flawless beauty. Step into your very own fairy tale as this extraordinary peeling gel unveils the radiant, dewy skin of your dreams.

Crafted with the utmost care, Control-Tox Peeling Gel is infused with gentle plant extracts and exclusive patented ingredients. Its unique formula is designed to cater to even the most sensitive skin types, ensuring a safe and soothing experience.

Key Features:

  • Gentle plant extracts and exclusive patented ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Papain and lemon extract banish impurities
  • Chia seed extract provides hydration
  • Tocovita-C and citrus illuminate skin tone
  • Improves texture and tone
  • Aloe vera extract soothes and cares for the skin


  • Leaves skin purified and free from impurities
  • Hydrates and plumps the skin
  • Enhances skin tone for a luminous complexion
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Soothes and cares for the skin

Use Cases:

  • Removes dead skin cells and impurities
  • Hydrates and prepares the skin for makeup application
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Soothes and cares for sensitive skin

Why wait for your fairy godmother to grant your beauty wishes? Embrace the magic of Control-Tox Peeling Gel and embark on a journey to discover the radiant, flawless skin you've always dreamed of. Add this enchanting elixir to your skincare routine today and let the spellbinding transformation begin!

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