Collagen Intensive Ampoule

Overview Plump up your sagging skin with truffle extract essential for moisturization and nourishment, soluble collagen and fermented oil blended altogether!
Weight 100ml

Collagen Intensive Ampoule

The optimal recipe for elasticity with 3 types of core collagen

Elasticity care
Strengthens skin elasticity with the best formulation that combines 3 types of collagen ingredients

Skin soothing
Includes Portulaca (Portulaca Oleracea Extract) to help soothe skin

Nutrition care
Highly-enriched essential texture that immediately fills the skin with nutrients
*Limited to the characteristics of raw ingredients

01 Triple collagen
3 types of collagen ingredients essential for elasticty care strengthens skin elasticity
for firm post-spa treatment skin

02 Skin hydration and soothing care
Includes Portulaca (Portulaca Oleraces Extract) for powerful hydration and skin soothing to make weak skin healthy!
*Limited to the characteristics of raw ingredients

03 Whitening / wrinkle
improvement double function Double care that brightens skin and improves even the finest wrinkles!

04 Freshness without stickiness!
Gooey ampoule formulation that neatly and quickly absorbs into skin for firmness! With collagen hydration barrier finish on the surface!

When the Collagen Intensive Ampoule is necessary!
ㆍWhen skin lacks elasticity and life
ㆍWhen the jawline is droopy and laugh lines are deep
ㆍWhen makeup clogs in between skin texture
ㆍWhen wrinkles around the eyes become prominent
ㆍWhen skin is dry and lacks brightness
ㆍWhen skin appears tired and weary even after a good night's sleep

Increasing age but decreasing collagen?
The composition of collage gradually decreases before and after the age of 25
and the composition of collagen decreases rapidly after the age of 40!

What Collagen?
Collagen is the main ingredient that accounts for up 80% of the weight of the dermis
and a core ingredient that helps maintain a solid skin structure

Now at a time when skin elasticity reduces,
focus on triple collagen!

ㆍPrevents dryness with a skin hydration effect
Maintains moist skin
Softens the skin texture and adds conditioning to skin
Firm skin care

Complicated skin care, NO!
One solid lively skin ampoule, OK!

+Skin :Tidies skin texture
+Essence : Nutrient replenishment, vitamin care
+Lotion : Hydration effect
+Cream : Moisturizing finish

Step-by-step concentrated care system
5-in-1 oil type all-in-one ampoule!

Nutrition / Wrinkle relief / Skin elasticity / Moisture / Skin tone improvement

Moist and bright glowing skin
Wrinkle+whitening double function
Certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

INGREDIENT Main ingredient

Triple Collagen
(Soluble Collage, Collagen, Hydrolyzed Collagen)
Prevents dryness with a skin hydration effect and helps maintain moist skin

(Portulaca Oleracea Extract)
Contains strong moisture Effective in soothing rough skin

Leuconostoc / Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
Helps hydrate and soothe skin with a kind
of Lactic Acid Bacteria-Derived Peptide

Collagen Intensive Ampoule

How to

Use at the step of essence, dispense appropriate amount Apply gently along the skin texture as if massaging the skin.


With mask sheet
More effective before and after mask sheet and when used vitamin ampoule.

With essence or cream
Mix with essence or cream on a dry day.

For make-up
Mix with ampoule for tight make-up when applying BB cream or foundation

Collagen Intensive Ampoule

Collagen Intensive Ampoule