Centella Calming Mask


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Overview Centella extract that soothes sensitive and weakened skin while helping to protect and soothe the skin
Weight 4Sheet / 23g Per sheet

Centella Calming Mask

The only one sheet that calms irritated skin

✔ Skin SoothingContiains 1,000 ppm of Centella extract Soothes irritation of sensitive skin ※ Completed skin irritation test

✔ Providing hydrationHelps keep the skin moisturizing

✔ Skin nourishment Sprout complex helps skin moisturizing and provides nourishment

※ Sprout complex : Brasslca Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Sprout Extract,
Phaseolus Radiatus Sprout Extract, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Sprout Extract

Centella Calming Mask
that calms irritated skin
with just one sheet


Skin Soothing

Centella Asiatica Extract that soothes sensitive and weakened skin while helping to protect and soothe the skin


Providing hydration

3 types of hyaluronic acid build up the moisture barrier and help to produce moisturized and glowing skin


Skin nourishment

Helps hydration and nourishment for skin that has become sensitive and irritated due to various cause

The time you need the Centella Calming Mask Sheet!

-Blushed, sensitive skin
-Skin with an uneven oil-water balance
-When your skin is irritated by harmful, external factors
-When your skin needs instant moisturizing
due to dryness
-When you need to relax after outdoor activities

Firmly fits well onto skin!
A mask that attaches like a magnet!
Rayon microfiber mask sheet

A sheet mask made of Rayon Microfibers

Eco-Friendly materials made of vegetable materials with a soft texture that minimizes skin irritation

Perfectly fits onto skin!

With its dense fiber structure, it sticks to the skin without wrinkling and has excellent delivery of essence to the skin and moistur retention

High-density Fabric

It has excellent skin cleaning effect through its micropores, as well as air permeability that allows the skin to breathe.

No more stickness with the essence that leaves onto skin Moisturizes inner skin
with a refreshing finish

A moist-and fresh water-type essence works with the sheet mask to make the skin feel refreshed while increasing skin hydration and moisturized feeling.


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How to

STEP 01 After cleansing, tidy up the skin texture with toner.

STEP 02Apply the mask evenly to the face.

STEP 03After 10-20 minutes, tap the remaining essence to promote absorption.

Centella Calming Mask

Centella Calming Mask