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Real Aqua Balancing Ampoule 35ML

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Real Aqua Balancing Ampoule 35ML

Experience the enchanting elixir of our Real Aqua Balancing Ampoule. This liquid-type ampoule is a magical journey towards perfectly balanced and moisturized skin.

  • Quench your skin's thirst with the finest ingredients, like a drink of purest water.
  • The gentle caress of hyaluronic acid and the soothing embrace of Houttuynia Cordata extract will leave your skin replenished.
  • Experience the radiance bestowed by the precious Licorice Root Extract, renowned for its mystical powers of anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and brightening properties.
  • Perfect for oily and sensitive skin, this ampoule effortlessly controls sebum and refines pores, leaving behind a non-sticky and fresh finish.
  • Harmonize with your skin and achieve a symphony of balance and harmony.
  • Meticulously tested for accumulated moisture, ensuring its efficacy.

Unveil the magic of the Real Aqua Balancing Ampoule and let your skin be swept away by its captivating allure. Embrace this love story between your skin and hydration, and watch as your complexion becomes a testament to the beauty that lies within.

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