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Soft Matte Lipstick 3.5G

Soft Matte Lipstick 3.5G

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Created with a hydrating formula, this beautiful lipstick is sure to maintain its pigmentation as it fades. A matte finish gives a soft, natural look that feels comfortable and light on the lips. This light and summery shade is perfect for a variety of looks. The soft and creamy formula makes this lipstick easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Look and feel your best with this comfortable and easy to wear lipstick that has a highly pigmented formula. Beige with a hint of mild brown. Fresh and lively orange coral. Soft and picturesque brick orange. Muted rose beige for a calm, elegant vibe. Vintage rose for a delicate vibe in each layer. Berry and muted plum for a delicate vintage vibe.

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